Men's Fellowship

The Men's Fellowship Ministry was created by the senior pastor; Rev. Dr. Birbal Boodram and is run by both him and the administrative pastor; Rev. Dr. Gangaram Samaroo.

It is a unit comprised of men of all ages that set apart time to gather themselves to listen what God says about men and their leadership roles both in church and their everyday lives. It is a time of fellowship, encouragement, fun and togetherness.

The aim of this ministry is to bring the men of God closer together and helping them to become great leaders, husbands, brothers, sons and individuals as a whole as they dig into the word of God.

There are many activities hosted by the men's ministry such as:

  1. Men's Retreat
  2. This is a two day and two night retreat held at the Victory Heights Camp where men from all different churches gather together to have a time of relaxation and fun in God's word. There is vibrant worship, songs, testimonies, games and a variety of food available for the men to partake in.

  3. Men's Prayer Time
  4. This is a special time amongst all the men in our church where they shut in with God and pray for members in the church body. They gather at the church on Saturdays at 8am to meet and have a prayer session and devotion from God's word.

  5. Men's Fun Night
  6. This is a single night full of fun activities, games and very delicious and diverse foods. The men gather for a fun game of cards, chess, checkers, jokes and much more; enjoying the fellowship and sharing the love of Christ with eachother.