Donations and Books


At Kelly Community Bible Church, we are currently expanding our church and constructing a new building to accommodate our growing congregation.

If you wish to donate funds to help with the construction of our new sanctuary or donate to help our various ministries further God's work at Kelly Community Bible Church you can:

1. Contact our Senior Pastor; Rev. Dr. Birbal Boodram via:

Email :

Telephone : +1 (868)-669-3509

2. Donate directly to the Kelly Community Bible Church account or the KCBC Building Fund:

Kelly Community Bible Church Account Number at Republic Bank : 260504272432

KCBC Building Fund Account Number at Republic Bank: 260800578101

Thank you very much for donating to help further God's work in Trinidad.

We appreciate your love, prayer and support.


If you wish to know more about any of the books listed here or if you are interested in getting a copy please contact our Senior Pastor; Rev. Dr. Birbal Boodram and he will send one to you.